Lynda Subscriptions

This course has a pre-designed curriclum setup on that is required.

About the Curriculum

The course curriculum consists of a maximum of 5 lessons selected for you by the instructor, including instructional videos and practice files, that covers a range of software and topics. You will be following this curriculum and completing associated practice assignments throughout the semester. The subscription is a discounted educational subscription to You will be required to pay with a credit card, through the website. You will have access to the educational subscription from the start of the class through exam week.

Subscribing to the Curriculum

A few days before the start of the semester, you will receive an email to your AACC email account, with instructions on how to subscribe to the course curriculum. This will include a course number, and a link to the subscription website. You will need to sign up using your AACC email address, pay for the course subscription, and secure access to the course ASAP so that you can complete the assignment for Week 1.

Professional Monthly Premium Subscriptions: If you already have a professional Monthly Premium subscription through your work, you do not need to sign up for an additional educational account. You will simply access the practice files and specific courses required for this class. Email the instructor if you have questions about which courses to search for. Signup and Payment

Below are general details about how to sign up, pay and subscribe for the curriculum: Login to your AACC email account. NOTE – if you cannot access the AACC email account, please call the HelpDesk (410-777-HELP) and send an alternative email address to the instructor.

Review the email with details about signing up for the course curriculum.

  • Click the link, and follow the instructions for signing up.
  • Enter the class code and AACC email address in the Student Registration box.
  • Click the CONTINUE button under the New Member option.
  • Enter your payment information and complete your registration.
  • Once you register and pay you will have access to the selected courses for the course.
  • Each week, you will be instructed to complete a section of each of the Lessons.
  • Link in your email not working?  Visit the ( ) website. Select products > educational solutions from the top dropdown menu. Scroll down the page and click the lyndaClassroom link (graphic grey text). On the lyndaClassroom page, on the right side, click the Student Registration link. Enter the class code and AACC email address.

ATTENTION Financial Aid Students

Students who are financial aid eligible (ie, you have funds available through the school) may request an emergency advance (EA) through financial aid for funds to cover the subscription. Please do the following:

  • Report directly to Detra Hooper (or Roger Lettie if Detra is unavailable) and complete the EA paperwork.
  • Detra Hooper: / SSVC 164 / 410-777-2539
  • Roger Lettie (if Detra is not available): / SSVC 167 / 410-777-2330
  • Request the paperwork for an Emergency Advance from the Cashier’s Office to reimburse you for the cost of the subscription.
  • Bring the class syllabus or paperwork designating the amount of the subscription when making this request. Fill out EA paperwork and sign it and give it to Detra or Roger ASAP. The financial aid office prefers that you do this in person. The Cashier’s Office will mail a check to you once the paperwork is approved.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Students will need to purchase subscriptions online using a credit card in time to complete work by designated due dates. There is no guarantee that funds will be received in time to make the initial purchase (they are more of a reimbursement). It is your responsibility to pursue the EA and fill out all paperwork.

Using the Course Curriculum

Each week STUDENTS will have assignments from the course curriculum. STUDENTS will have access to courses in the curriculum and will be assigned specific sections to review and complete each week. Reviewing the Videos Each week, you will review your course curriculum lesson list and locate the lesson for that week’ assignment. You will need to make sure you have downloaded and extracted / unzipped all of the practice files for each of the courses ahead of time. Once you have done this, you’ll do the following for each week’s assignment:

  • Click the link for the specific course lesson
  • You will be presented with a Table of Contents for each course lesson
  • You can set course preferences and choose the different options for how you view the videos by clicking the Course Preferences tab;
  • You can view a written Transcript of each video by clicking the Transcripts tab
  •  Each section will have numbered sections – or Chapters in each of the main Lessons with links to individual video tutorials
  • Each chapter is broken into short video tutorials that have a specific name as well as an estimated time to review each video
  • Each week you will be assigned to review specific individual chapters and video tutorials: click the link for each individual video tutorial and wear headphones if you are in the labs or library.
  • In some cases you will just follow along with the video:  ie, if the video is simply addressing a new feature of the interface.  Other times you will need to follow along with a provided chapter example file(s) that you downloaded previously – the video will show you the sample file being used or the narrator will tell you.
  • Open the file, follow along and make the changes that the video tutorial outlines • ie, opening a file, adding a line to a specific document, etc.
  • Pause the video when needed, so you can take notes or review.
  • Save any files you changed or made updates to, and submit them to your Dropbox, as directed each week.